About us

Founded in 2006 fangfrisch berlin has been developing itself to one of the biggest people-agencies in Berlin and nationwide.
We've always tried to find and present exciting faces and characters, models and actors with their talents, to continually present a fresh and professional selection to the industry.

Our business activities

fangfrisch berlin places and serves a wide pool of talents, performers and actors in the fields of advertising and fashion, print as well as partly film/television. Our pool covers a selection of all types of people between the age of 16 till 65.
Negotiations, logistical handlings as well as payoff is handled by fangfrisch berlin. The net agency fee is defined with 20% + sales tax for all commercial projects and 10% for all TV/film projects. It covers all placement and service fees. In addition to that, the agency finances itself with 20% from the production companies/clients on all negotiated conditions.

Our Team

In 2013 Natalie officially became part of fangfrisch berlin, even though she basically has been a close colleague of us all the way long working for Extras Berlin and Tröber Casting in the past. She became CEO of the Fangfrisch GmbH in the fall of 2015.


Pascal's passion in photography brought himself in contact with fangfrisch berlin in the past already. He joined us in summer 2015.


Raised in Sweden Louise moved to Berlin in 2007 and is part of the booking-team since summer 2015.She brings in a wide experience in music and social media.


our Dachshund dream team run a pretty though door at the fangfrisch headquarters, but it's mostly just to make sure the rest of the team is on their toes.
Officer Emma started in 2013 and deputy Frankie joined in the summer of 2015.